Reviews for and Firefox 3.5 Coming Up

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A while back, I actually wanted to check out Bing (the new search engine from Microsoft) and I wanted to give it a try to see if it can contend with Google. The only problem is my main browser, Safari, only supports the Google search bar out of the box, with some plug-ins needed to add other search engines. I’m not the kind of person who would rather use the search bar than go to the site and search from there, I left Bing alone for a while.

Fortunately, the latest version of Firefox (v3.5) was also worth looking at. And because of the open-ended nature of Firefox, it supported multiple search bars, including Bing. Now I get to simultaneously review Firefox 3.5 and Microsoft Bing. I’ll be separating myself from Safari for one or two weeks to get a feel on the stuff I want to review, so expect an entry on that by that time. Lastly, I will mostly be reviewing the Mac version of Firefox, but it should resemble the Windows and Linux version quite closely. If I can, I will also look at the Windows version within the week. Anyway, just a heads-up for upcoming articles!


I Am Excited About HTML 5

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The web (for the most part) is a wonderful place, isn’t it. We do blogs, share photos, view online videos and other notable digital content. A lot sure has changed in the past two decades. I remember when I used to view websites that had a simple black backdrop and some blue, red or white text; but those were the days. Now, you have these amazing web applications like YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps, all which utilize the powerful Flash and Javascript APIs to note a few. Of course, the Internet is still evolving and the thing that I am really excited about is HTML 5.

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Sony’s PSP-Phone Idea Not So Ideal

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While a lot of people are currently gossiping about the new handheld coming out that is the PSP-Go, Sony is bringing in a development team to assemble a new device that combines the gaming capabilities of a PSP with the cellular hardware of a Sony-Ericsson Phone. So in other words, they are going for a PSP-Phone. So why make a gaming handheld that can also make phone calls? That’s because of they’re trying to take a shot at a potential market that is currently in favor of the iPhone.

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Doom Resurrection now on the App Store

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Remember the last post where I mentioned about two upcoming Doom projects for the iPhone by id Software? It looks like one of them is already out. Doom Resurrection is the first id Software project to be built from scratch for the iPhone. It also includes advanced graphics which I actually admit to be very impressive on the iPhone. This game truly borrows a lot from Doom 3, but it seems that this version was able to pull it off without sacrificing a lot. .

The other project, Doom Classic, might still take a while though, mostly likely by July. But if you can’t wait to experience Hell on the iPhone, then Doom Resurrection just might satisfy those cravings. Head on to the App Store for your taste of Hell.

ZeniMax acquires id Software

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When I first heard that our beloved Doom and Quake developer was finally yielding to a company acquisition, it shocked me to hear that an independent company that was doing so well on its own was going to dwarf itself under a publisher. I mean, this is probably the second shocking acquisition gaming news of this year, with the first one being the acquisition of Eidos Interactive by Square-Enix. But, then, I continued to read on about the details of the acquisition, and after doing so, I think it might actually be a smart move from id Software.

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My Thoughts on the iPhone 3G S

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Announced at this year’s WWDC and released less than a week ago, the iPhone 3G S has been a subject of many mobile users and critics. The reason is simply that the iPhone is now in its third generation, only this time around, other mobile companies are following the same trend, and because of that the competition is really hot. You probably already know some iPhone rivals out there, so I won’t go into detail about them. I will use this post to express my thoughts on the new iPhone, on what is good about it and what could have been better.

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id Software prepares for the iPhone’s Doom

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No. Doom is not referring to the iPhone dying and giving rise to the Pre. While some might wish that is the case, it will take more than the Pre to take down the iPhone. We’re talking about id Software’s Doom, arguably considered the King of first-person shooters. As a matter of fact, id is preparing not one, but two Doom titles to be released on the App Store, probably by the end of June.

The first one is Doom Classic. It’s Doom like you remembered it back in 1993. With the classic 3D graphics and sprite characters. Millions can live their childhood FPS fantasies once again. It’s controls will resemble that of the iPhone version of Wolfenstein 3D Classic, and will also come with multiplayer over WiFi, as well as Bluetooth when iPhone OS 3.0 is released. You can also check out John Carmack’s (Lead Programmer, id Software) report on the game-development here.

Doom Classic

The other upcoming title is Doom Resurrection, a joint project between id Software and Escalation Studios. It involves more modern 3D graphics and will involve gameplay similar to Doom 3. Controls will focus more on tilt-to-move and the game may include peer-to-peer multiplayer in the future.

Doom Resurrection

With that said, it would be interesting to see how popular the cult classic will be when “Hell Breaks Loose” on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I will certainly be observing where it goes, and might even be driven to buy one of these titles.