Quake Live: QuakeCon 09 Update

Quake Live LogoThis news might be old for some, but for those who are still unaware of what’s going on with Quake (or even what is Quake), here are some updates from Carmack himself. The first bomb dropped is that Quake Live cannot be supported on ads alone. It’s probably not that third-party ads are not doing their jobs, rather it’s that Quake Live, slowly becoming more and more like a full-fledged game, can no longer be supported by advertising’s limited revenue. So what’s going to be the solution, you ask? Carmack’s solution: premium subscriptions.

Now some of you might be enraged about Quake Live suddenly asking money from the pockets of it’s users, but I’ll explain some details about the news, and you’ll soon find that it’s actually not bad. The subscription will merely add the ability for users to host private servers, where a small fee has been perfectly normal for the past years. Calling this service a premium subscription is kinda stingy to most people, so I will just call it “server rentals” since that is basically all that it really offers anyway. One should only rent a private server if:
1. You are a company or group wanting to host tournaments/events
2. You want to apply controlled conditions, those that are not possible without an administrator
3. You want to play with only a select group of people (i.e. friends)
4. You want a closer server location with less latency

Other than that, renting servers are not a necessity. Also, you will NOT lose any of the current Quake priviliges you currently enjoy by not paying. With that, things such as leaderboards, profiles, awards, etc., will remain available at no extra charge. So basically, the free Quake you know now will still be free, just with the ability to rent servers. Not so bad now, is it? Anyway, now that Quake Live is also Mac and Linux compatible, what are you waiting for? Start Fragging!


~ by Ian on September 8, 2009.

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