Chrome is Now Also an Operating System

If you haven’t noticed yet, Google has released a wide variety of platforms nowadays. The people at Google seem to be really hard at work when it comes to opening new standards. Just when you thought that potential platforms like Android and Wave have you jumping in your seat, think again. Google is now extending the Chrome project, formerly confined to the browser, and is going to turn it into an entire operating system! That’s right. There’s yet a new OS entering the market.

Whenever you see something done the Google Way, as I want to call it, it becomes something you really want to look into. While there were only a few details given, Chrome OS will follow the same design philosophy of its browser counterpart. Basically, Google is going to use the Linux kernel (just like Android) and build an entirely new operating from scratch. The OS design will primarily focus on speed, security and clutter-free experience, just like the Chrome browser. Google has also stated that since the focus of the OS will be for people who are “often on the web”, so I am expecting Webkit technology to be integrated into the OS one way or another. Just like the browser and almost every recent platform released by Google, Chrome OS will be open-sourced.

If you ask me about this new OS idea, while I am very speculative about what it can offer, I do trust Google that they will give us an OS of fine quality. The future release of Chrome OS could change the game plan of operating systems. On the narrower scale, this will basically be Linux done the Google Way. Not only will Chrome OS compete with other versions of Linux, especially Ubuntu, it will also attempt to rival its own desktop environment against KDE and GNOME. On the broader scale, this will be yet another thorn on Microsoft’s side by going up against Windows (seriously, Google has been pricking Microsoft on many fronts now). Of course, it will also compete against Apple and OS X, so it’s going to be really interesting how these two speed-freak companies are going to contend. Think about it: Imagine an OS that has the potential quality of OS X, and is made free and open-source to the public. Now we see something interesting.

My only hope is that people will at least give this project some widespread attention when more details are revealed. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than hearing a person say he knows no other operating system out there than Windows. Why people don’t know of these things is probably the biggest reason why Microsoft is hardly afraid of the open-source revolution. A lot of people are looking to Google to bring open-source to mainstream computing, and Chrome OS might be open-source’s trump card. I think Chrome OS definitely has the potential to be more than just a Linux variant, and I can’t wait to see what Google will reveal in the near future.

What do you think of Chrome OS? Leave a comment below!


~ by Ian on July 8, 2009.

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