I Am Excited About HTML 5

The web (for the most part) is a wonderful place, isn’t it. We do blogs, share photos, view online videos and other notable digital content. A lot sure has changed in the past two decades. I remember when I used to view websites that had a simple black backdrop and some blue, red or white text; but those were the days. Now, you have these amazing web applications like YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps, all which utilize the powerful Flash and Javascript APIs to note a few. Of course, the Internet is still evolving and the thing that I am really excited about is HTML 5.

The reason why I am so excited about the next-gen HTML is that the web is going to once again overhaul itself for what I consider to be the universal language of the web. Also, because of its universal nature, it should (in theory) allow web developers to create intricate websites without the need of external plug-ins or applets. While  Flash, Java and Silverlight are already showing us some flare, the usual problem with these add-ons is that they are also quite unstable. The majority of browser crashes occur from external plug-ins. HTML 5 plans to fix that by allowing developers and consumers to embed video and other rich applications into websites through native, browser-friendly code.

The last thing I am excited about is that a lot of web applications are going run great under HTML 5. Take the upcoming Google Wave for example. This rich set of tools are, to a certain extent, running on pure web-code, proven by Wave’s cross-platform nature. Things like real-time text feedback, drag-and-drop, and collaborative work will all become more native and easier to achieve. If HTML 5 can truly shine, we might even see a time when 3D applications can truly run natively on a browser.

Those are just a few examples of what the next-gen HTML 5 can potentially do. I personally am excited about it, especially since HTML is much easier to code with rather than having to embed complex Web APIs. HTML 5 could be the key to Web 2.0. I’m not so sure what will happen to Flash or Java, but I still want to look forward to a more simpler, stabler, more powerful internet. Are you? Leave a comment!


~ by Ian on July 4, 2009.

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