id Software prepares for the iPhone’s Doom

No. Doom is not referring to the iPhone dying and giving rise to the Pre. While some might wish that is the case, it will take more than the Pre to take down the iPhone. We’re talking about id Software’s Doom, arguably considered the King of first-person shooters. As a matter of fact, id is preparing not one, but two Doom titles to be released on the App Store, probably by the end of June.

The first one is Doom Classic. It’s Doom like you remembered it back in 1993. With the classic 3D graphics and sprite characters. Millions can live their childhood FPS fantasies once again. It’s controls will resemble that of the iPhone version of Wolfenstein 3D Classic, and will also come with multiplayer over WiFi, as well as Bluetooth when iPhone OS 3.0 is released. You can also check out John Carmack’s (Lead Programmer, id Software) report on the game-development here.

Doom Classic

The other upcoming title is Doom Resurrection, a joint project between id Software and Escalation Studios. It involves more modern 3D graphics and will involve gameplay similar to Doom 3. Controls will focus more on tilt-to-move and the game may include peer-to-peer multiplayer in the future.

Doom Resurrection

With that said, it would be interesting to see how popular the cult classic will be when “Hell Breaks Loose” on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I will certainly be observing where it goes, and might even be driven to buy one of these titles.


~ by Ian on June 13, 2009.

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