Windows 7 Journal Episode 7: The Release Candidate

By August 1, 2009, the Windows 7 Beta officially ends. But just because the Beta will end doesn’t mean so will the testing and the Journal. Thankfully, Microsoft recently released the Windows 7 Release Candidate (Build 7100), which, unlike the beta, is free to the public. If you want to test drive it yourself. You can head over here and review their testing program. I’ve been using the RC for a few days, and there are some new stuff here compared to the beta. So for this episode, I’ll dedicate it to the new changes one will find in the RC.

Windows 7 RC Desktop

The installation process was almost flawless. Almost. While I was glad that the installation procedure wasn’t dragging. The only problem I actually encountered was in the audio drivers, in which no sound could be heard. Since I’m installing it on a Mac, it was probably incompatibile with the built-in speakers. While this was resolved as soon as I placed the Boot Camp drivers, I hope PCs are not experiencing the same problems. With that aside though, the installation was quick and easy.

The moment you start using the RC, you’ll notice that Microsoft also bundled a few customization options. If you’re the kind who likes a good-looking desktop, you’re in luck since the RC comes bundled with new colors, impressive wallpapers, and even new sounds that fit specific themes. As usual, my Gadgets are on the right, but note that they can still be placed anywhere on the desktop.

The Aero UI from both Vista and the beta are still here, but there are some new stuff to look after as well. Microsoft did place some minor UI improvements if what was already in the beta wasn’t already enough. Performance-wise, the OS itself is slightly tweaked to perform faster, particularly in opening menus and windows.

Of course, it would take forever to say one-by-one each and every change. If you do want to say most, of not all, of these changes, Microsoft has page just for that. It’s nice to see what new stuff will come to the RC in the upcoming months, especially since it will be around until July, 2010. If you still want to try it out, there’s no better price than Free (at least for a year). Also, I’ll try to keep the journal up-to-date with anything worth reading, so stay tuned!


~ by Ian on June 11, 2009.

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