Amazon Kindle DX Preview

Kindle DX

For most of us not living in the US (myself included), you might not know what the Amazon Kindle is, or even what an eBook Reader is for that matter. So for those that don’t know, an eBook is a digitalized version of a book that can be read in a computer-friendly format, usually PDF. An eBook Reader is a device that is dedicated to storing and presenting these eBooks to it’s user so that he/she no longer has to bring a physical book around. This is exactly what the Amazon Kindle is, and now that it’s in its third generation (Kindle DX), I thought it might be nice to show you guys (especially those outside the US) what it can really do.

The Kindle DX comes with a 9.7″ touchscreen for viewing eBooks and other options. Below the screen is a small physical keyboard for typing when it becomes necessary. The side buttons allows you to flick back and forth between pages with ease, giving one the impression of actually flipping through a book. It also comes with an accelerometer which can be used to view the Kindle DX in landscape. There are also a couple of things that differentiate the Kindle from other eBook Readers. The first one is that the battery is only used to change what’s on screen. So if you are reading a page, though the Kindle is currently displaying the text, no battery is being used to display it. This allows for a battery life that could last weeks on end with a single charge. The second is that it allows you to download eBooks straight into the Kindle from’s eBook Store. This is pulled off thanks to the free 3G networking from Sprint.

There are however, some downsides. The biggest issue with the Kindle DX is it’s price. The DX model will set you back a whopping $489. They say that the lower eBook costs on justify the price of the Kindle, but that would take a ton of eBooks to truly justify it’s price against physical ones. Also, while not really a necessity, the Kindle DX doesn’t come with color, while it wasn’t a problem in previous Kindles, a higher price tag does call for a higher quality product, making color a viable upgrade compared to it’s predecessors.

In total, I think that the Amazon Kindle DX continues the legacy of it’s previous line-ups by offering readers an alternative choice to bringing heavy books around all the time. Free 3G networking and highly durable battery keeps the Kindle superior to other eBook Readers. However, it’s somewhat unforgiving price not only closes itself from more consumers, but will give other competitors a very easy price barrier to break. I do hope that Amazon will do something about this in the future and make the eBook Reader more mainstream. As for those outside the US, it looks like we’ll still have to carry physical books around for now, but I do think our turn will arrive very soon.


~ by Ian on May 10, 2009.

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