Left 4 Dead Survival Pack Now Available!

     Left 4 DeadThe guys at Valve have continued to drown its audience with even more content. If you’ve been shooting more zombies, or vomiting more times on-screen than in real life, than you’re probably one of those Left 4 Dead addicts who can’t get enough from the zombie apocalypse. Thankfully, the new downloadable content will breath new life (or death) unto the already widely played co-op shooter game.

     The biggest part of the DLC is the namesake survival mode. Survival mode comes with 16 maps (15 recycled, 1 new), where the survivors must fend of endless waves of infected zombies. Though this style of gameplay has already been done many times in previous games, the pace and difficulty curve is so staggering, you’ll barely have time to breathe. How difficult, you say? Once you start playing the maps, you’ll think that the Bronze Achievement for surviving at least four minutes wasn’t as easy as it first sounded. Surviving ten minutes, especially in the new map “The Last Stand” is a feat that can only be achieved by the most 1337 of Left 4 Dead players, so expect a real zombie apocalypse once you start playing Survival.

     The other important addition in the Survival Pack is the addition of Death Toll and Dead Air as Versus maps. It’s great to see the other campaign maps finally get ported into Versus mode after die-hard players have become tired of playing only on No Mercy and Blood Harvest. The addition is minor, but very welcome.

     But the best news of all is that the Survival Pack is totally free to both PC and Xbox 360 players. Simply download the 360 pack from Xbox Live, or update your current PC version of Left 4 Dead via Steam, whichever platform you’re using. If it there one bad thing about the update, it’s that the addition of new campaign and versus maps is still not here. That still leaves Left 4 Dead a bit short on the replay value scale, but hey, Survival Pack is free! Who can argue with that? Anyway, this is only the first major update of Left 4 Dead, and it’s only a matter of time before the game gets the same treatment as Team Fortress 2. Let’s not forget the improved modding support the update will bring, so expect a lot of fan-made maps to appear to change the flavor of the game. So, are you ready to take on another several thousand zombies? Pick up your favorite gun and happy zombie apocalypse!


~ by Ian on April 22, 2009.

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