Zune HD Coming Soon?

Zune HD?Image obtained from Engadget

     Lately, Microsoft has been competing in nearly every aspect of technology. We’re not just talking OS’s and video games here. Microsoft has been competing in uncountable categories, including Operating Systems (Windows), Music (Zune), Browsing (IE), Web Services (Windows Live), Web Animations (Silverlight), Professional Applications, Video Games (Xbox 360, Microsoft Game Studios), and much, much more. Attempting a technologic monopoly? Possibly.

    Putting that aside, Engadget has leaked some intriguing pictures of what it claims is the Zune HD. Zune HD is supposedly going to enter the same market as the iPod Touch, which is a touchscreen-based portable media player. Of course, there should be something that differentiates it from the iPod Touch, right? Well below are some possible reasons why this new Zune may or may not succeed:

1. It’s namesake HD capabilities: Everybody likes HD. Who doesn’t want to see media at a crisp 720p resolution?
2. Higher Capacity: If this device will view HD content, then it should fit that the device has more capacity to store them, right?
3. Zune Marketplace Advantage: With music subscription service, exclusive media and integration with Xbox 360, it might entice some users.

1. Windows Compatible only: Mac users won’t be buying these gadgets anytime soon.
2. Late in the Game: iPod Touch has already seen tremendous success, partially thanks to the App Store. It will take a miracle for Zune HD to obtain even a fraction of that success after so many products have already entered this market.
3. Internationally Challenged: Just like the Obama-McCain presidential race, while Zune has a fair market share in the US, iPods win by a landslide in the international market. Unless Zunes can reach territories outside US, most of the world will never know they even exist.

   Well, those are just speculative thoughts of mine. My thoughts were just based on where the Zune is right now. I could be right, I could be wrong. However, we still don’t know what Zune HD will really have for features until they are officially announced. In my opinion, it might be a good product, just not internationally. In my country vastly dominated by iPods, Zens and media cellphones, I’d be surprised if the Zune can even squeeze itself in. Still, only time will tell when Microsoft finally shows their plans.


~ by Ian on April 11, 2009.

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