Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone/iPod Touch

Yahoo! Messenger Logo

     Just recently, a much needed desktop application of mine has finally arrived on the App Store. To those who have been waiting, Yahoo! Messenger is now available to iPhone/iPod Touch users as a free download. Plenty of you will probably ask why I use Yahoo! over Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger or AIM. The simple answer is that, where I come from, nearly everyone uses Yahoo! Messenger. The number of people using other IM services is way too small to be considered a standard at all. It’s pointless to use an IM service where almost nobody is on. But that’s okay; I like Yahoo! Messenger and I don’t think I will be using any other service besides Skype anytime soon. Anyway, if you are a Yahoo! Messenger user and happen to own an iPhone/iPod Touch, head over to the App Store and get your free app now!


~ by Ian on April 10, 2009.

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