Windows 7 Journal Episode 3: User-Interface

     For this episode, we will take a look at actual user-interface of Windows 7. In other words, we will be looking at what the operating looks like when it presents itself to you. Below is a preview of what the Desktop looks like and how it is, in it’s own way, different from Windows Vista.

    Desktop Whole  
     The first thing you will notice about the desktop is that it has a very strong resemblance to Windows Vista. With the presence of Gadgets, as well as that Aero feel, Vista users will feel at home with Windows 7. Most of the Aero animation from Vista makes a return to Windows 7, with the addition of new ones. Despite many similarities, the only noticeable difference is the taskbar, whose features will be discussed in the next episode.

     Another difference in the Desktop is that Gadgets can now be moved anywhere on the desktop. I just keep them to one side for convenience, but in reality they can be placed anywhere. Now we move on to the windows. Below is a picture of Windows Explorer:

Desktop Window    
     As you can see, the windows retain the glassy, transparent look found in Windows Vista. Icons also have a strong resemblance to Vista. Also note that some folder destinations have changed and might be a little confusing to those who would migrate to an OS prior to Windows 7.

     When it all boils down to it, there is hardly anything new in Windows 7 in terms of the desktop and windows in general. WIth the exception of a few tweaks to the overall interface, it’s still Windows Vista underneath. But do note that Windows 7 focuses more on keeping a unified interface, and so far the desktop and windows are decent at keeping it as such.

     However, the taskbar did receive quite an overhaul, which is something that I will talk about in the next episode. Here, I have just showed you a little taste of Microsoft’s next operating system. There will be more and interesting things to come, so stay tuned!


~ by Ian on March 10, 2009.

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