Windows 7 Journal Episode 2: The Beta

Windows 7 Logo

     While Windows Vista will continue exist and remain as one of the biggest tech fiascos in recent history, it looks like Microsoft is trying to move on to better things. Looking to remedy the disease that is Windows Vista, Microsoft is taking a slightly different direction with Windows 7. Windows 7 has been in closed beta for quite a while, and moved into open beta stage just a few months ago. Below is a quick briefing of the beta program.

     Microsoft offered the beta for a short period of time for  enthusiasts eager to try out the next OS. I was lucky enough to have grabbed my hands on the beta just a few days before the distribution ended. While being able to use the latest OS will be fun, Microsoft obviously wants testers to give constant feedback. They will ask you from time to time to try out new features and give feedback for improvement. They will also be releasing regular updates to make the OS more stable, quicker, and more accessible.

     Like I said before, the beta will only last until August 1, 2009. After that, no public user can access the OS until its final release later in the year or early next year. With that, I will also try to work as quickly as I can to give out us much information before the beta locks up.

     Lastly, also note that this is a beta. It will have problems, instabilities, incompatibilities and even crashes. However, this is quite natural considering that the public beta is still in its early stages. But surprisingly, the beta is quite stable with minimal crashes and errors. It’s good to see that Microsoft at least polished up its OS before the official public distribution.

     So what is there to expect from here on out? So far we have been warming up for the actual insider of the Journal. Starting the next episode, we will finally dig into the meat of Windows 7, first tackling its new user-interface. Expect the next episode to come soon, so stay tuned!


~ by Ian on March 6, 2009.

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