Apple Updates Desktop Line-up


Mac Mini     A few days ago, Apple finally updated their desktop line-up of Macs. The Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro all received upgrades, particularly in hardware. After long anticipation of such upgrades especially during the Macworld 09 timeframe, it looks like Apple has finally opened the lid on the newly updated Macs, putting their hardware and environmental commitment in line with the Macbook family. Below is a briefing on the latest updates from Apple.

     iMac           The most well known update to the Mac Mini and the iMac is the adoption of the latest Nvidia mobile chipset, which includes support for DDR3 memory, as well as the Geforce 9400M integrated into the main circuit. This means a minor graphical improvement for the iMac and a drastic improvement for the Mac Mini, which until now ran on an ancient Intel GMA 950 graphics unit. Other upgrades include CPU speed bumpsand higher storage capacity.


Mac Pro

      The other upgraded line-up was the Mac Pro, which also received an overhaul in hardware. The most well-known change to the Mac Pro was the adoption of the latest Intel Nehalem Xeon processors, with Nehalem also being the code name of the Intel’s Core i7 structure. This gives the Mac Pro a powerful speed boost with improved memory allocation and the return of an old Intel technology called Hyper Threading. Hyper Threading allows each of the CPU’s cores to run two threads to run simultaneously, allowing the machine to emulate the presence of twice the number of processors. When combined with the high-end Mac Pro, the Macintosh juggernaut can reach insane processor speeds as though it had 16 cores running instead of 8. Another improvements include improved CPU management, new graphics card options, as well as support for up to 32GB of memory on the high end model.

    What is probably another plus is the environmental awareness these products bring. With the elimination of toxic chemicals and improvements in power management, especially in the Mac Mini, all three desktop models earned the EPEAT Gold rating, joining the Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air as one of the greenest computers in the market.

     The prices have hardly changed, with the only noticeable change being the iMac bringing the 24-inch model at a lower price point. Overall, nearly all the new features brought by these updated models are welcome, especially the desperately needed upgrade on the Mac Mini’s part. While the performance of these computers are reasonably powerful, do note that the Mac desktops won’t come cheap. They are admittedly expensive, with the Macbook and Mac Pro being the better investments of Apple’s product line in terms of price with quality.

     While new features are definitely good to look forward to, it would have also been nice if Apple also dropped the prices to go with the updates. Although there are also other things about Macs besides hardware to consider that makes them such a bang for the buck and a favorite among consumers. So if you are a person looking for a way to transition from PC to Mac, you may find interests in the latest line-up.


~ by Ian on March 6, 2009.

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