Electronics: The Green Perspective

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It’s not surprising that the world is so much different now. Stronger storms, flash floods, and warmer weather are only a few to call. With that, waiting is no longer an option, unlike perhaps twenty years ago when almost no industry actually gave a crap about being environmentally friendly. Now, however, the environment is already hitting a critical state, with environmental catastrophes literally decades away if the rate of pollution continues to rise. Standards for both efficiency and recyclability are becoming much more stricter, and many companies are having a hard time keeping up. Let us look into the state by which the technology industry stands in comparison to the environmentalist movement.

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Microsoft Bing Review

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Google and Microsoft have been chomping at each other’s markets for the past half decade or more. Nowadays, you start finding Microsoft’s presence on the web, while Google is beginning to leave the confines of the Internet into the desktop market (i.e. Google Chrome OS). Recently however, Microsoft attempts to rival Google’s biggest asset, the search engine market. In only a matter of years, Google overthrew every other search engine to become the dominant force on the web, and now Microsoft wants a piece of it. The question is: Is Microsoft’s entry, Bing.com, actually a contender to Google Search? Is the search engine really worth around a $100 million in advertisment alone? We’ll see.

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Apple’s September 09 Music Event

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Now that we are done celebrating the Sega Dreamcast’s 10th Birthday, let’s move on to other things that happened on that day too. There is, of course, the release of The Beatles: Rock Band for the 360, PS3 and Wii, but we’re not here to discuss that, though I think that the game looks great and I think it will be a good buy for music gamers. Speaking of music, that is just what happened in the Apple Keynote Address today. In all honesty, the announcements made yesterday will either please or disappoint some people, so don’t feel bad if you happen to feel the latter. With that out of the way, let’s see what Apple cooked for us.

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Happy 10th Birthday Sega Dreamcast!

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Sega DreamcastSome call it the overshadowed entertainment system. Others call it the lost sixth-generation console. For some, they might even call it the pioneer of cross-platform gaming. This, my friends, is the Sega Dreamcast. Exactly ten years ago, the Sega released their latest (and last) entry in the console wars. Long before the entry of the other console players of the sixth generation, the Dreamcast was a welcome console in the homes of gamers.

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Quake Live: QuakeCon 09 Update

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Quake Live LogoThis news might be old for some, but for those who are still unaware of what’s going on with Quake (or even what is Quake), here are some updates from Carmack himself. The first bomb dropped is that Quake Live cannot be supported on ads alone. It’s probably not that third-party ads are not doing their jobs, rather it’s that Quake Live, slowly becoming more and more like a full-fledged game, can no longer be supported by advertising’s limited revenue. So what’s going to be the solution, you ask? Carmack’s solution: premium subscriptions.

Now some of you might be enraged about Quake Live suddenly asking money from the pockets of it’s users, but I’ll explain some details about the news, and you’ll soon find that it’s actually not bad. The subscription will merely add the ability for users to host private servers, where a small fee has been perfectly normal for the past years. Calling this service a premium subscription is kinda stingy to most people, so I will just call it “server rentals” since that is basically all that it really offers anyway. One should only rent a private server if:
1. You are a company or group wanting to host tournaments/events
2. You want to apply controlled conditions, those that are not possible without an administrator
3. You want to play with only a select group of people (i.e. friends)
4. You want a closer server location with less latency

Other than that, renting servers are not a necessity. Also, you will NOT lose any of the current Quake priviliges you currently enjoy by not paying. With that, things such as leaderboards, profiles, awards, etc., will remain available at no extra charge. So basically, the free Quake you know now will still be free, just with the ability to rent servers. Not so bad now, is it? Anyway, now that Quake Live is also Mac and Linux compatible, what are you waiting for? Start Fragging!

The Apple Philosophy

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No matter what person you are, no matter what you believe, everyone must face the cold, hard truth: You can’t please everybody. This is especially true with technology, where the ecosystem is very diverse. Whenever you find a new device or software, there is a 100% chance you will find something (or something missing) that will surely disappoint someone. For perfectionists like Apple, this truth is also their greatest weakness. Now that many companies are beginning to emerge from Apple’s shadow, I thought it was appropriate to look into arguably the most questionable concept in the tech world: The Apple Philosophy.

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Chrome is Now Also an Operating System

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If you haven’t noticed yet, Google has released a wide variety of platforms nowadays. The people at Google seem to be really hard at work when it comes to opening new standards. Just when you thought that potential platforms like Android and Wave have you jumping in your seat, think again. Google is now extending the Chrome project, formerly confined to the browser, and is going to turn it into an entire operating system! That’s right. There’s yet a new OS entering the market.

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